Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 Tires

Radial Motorcycle Tire for Adventure Bikes in On-Road Touring Applications.


  • High tensile super penetrated cord
  • Silica rich compound and RC Polymer for motorcycles
  • High grip compound for upper section of shoulder and high stability abrasion resistant compound for lower and central sections
  • Increased groove ratio at shoulder
  • High angled grooves distributed over the shoulder
  • Reduced proportion of grooves in the central section of the tread


  • High thermal conductivity enhances heat transfer and reduces risk of blowout, promoting high speed stability and durability
  • Ensures high grip performance in low temperature conditions and exhibits excellent wet performance
  • Provides combination of both performance and mileage
  • Improved wet drainage that enhances performance in wet conditions
  • Increases contact area and offers more uniform distribution of contact pressure resulting in improved wet grip when cornering
  • Increases block rigidity resulting in shorter braking distances in wet conditions as well as improved straight-line stability



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