Falken Ri191 Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck All-Position Radial tire with High Scrub Resistance for Pick-Up and Delivery Applications.


  • Extra wide ribs spread stress across a wider surface, extending over complete tread life
  • Wide variable groove angles
  • Wavy groove base
  • New optimized carbon tread compound
  • Tread rib notches
  • Stone defense features placed at the base of the crown groove
  • High tread volume
  • Optimized all-steel radial casing


  • Adds a significant amount of driving miles
  • Increase wet traction levels by channeling out water while “letting go” of debris picked up on the road
  • Widen the base of each tread rib, adding driving stability by increasing the rigidity of all four tread ribs
  • Designed specifically for extreme high mileage
  • Add tread area for packed snow as well as a break away point for increased all weather drivability
  • Protects the tire casing, adding value by extending the overall life of the tire
  • Provide extended tread wear for delivery applications
  • Optimized for retreadability to maximize tire value and reduce fleet operating costs



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