Hankook E3 Wide Tl21

Commercial Truck/Bus. SmartWay Verified Medium-Duty Truck Wide Base Long Haul Trailer Position tire.


  • SmartWay Verified and CARB Approved
  • Spiral-Coil Technology
  • Carcass structure ensures minimized tire deformation
  • Optimized bead profile
  • Strengthened shoulder rib
  • Zigzag center groove
  • Closed shoulder
  • Tri-dimensional siping
  • Optimized directional microsipes
  • Reduces tire weight


  • Provides optimum footprint and reinforced casing stability
  • Optimized foot shape and lower energy loss
  • Superior stability and retreadability
  • Reduces deformation of outer groove and improves mileage
  • Aids in stone rejection
  • Reduces irregular wear, increases fuel efficiency and mileage
  • Increases traction performance
  • Reduces irregular wear throughout the duration of the tread life
  • Increases fuel efficiency and reduces rolling resistance


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