Hankook Winter I*cept IZ2 A W626 Tires

Studless Asymmetric Winter Passenger Car Tire. Carries 3PMSF Symbol and is M&S Rated.


  • Angled edge ice grip slits
  • 3D edge grip claw technology
  • Grip-in step starts suddenly and grip power is improved
  • Two straight grooves within main groove as well as Aquagroove
  • Increased ration of groove area
  • 3D sipes
  • Spiral boosters
  • 'Z' grip shoulder block


  • Improve braking performance on icy and snow roads
  • Improves grip on wet road surfaces
  • Prevents snow clogging during sudden braking
  • For stable driving performance on snowy and wet roads and suppresses occurrence of hydroplaning
  • Improves wet road grip and braking and handling performance
  • Suppress unnecessary block movement for improved driving safety
  • Make it difficult for rain and snow to get clogged in the tire for improved braking and acceleration performance
  • Evenly distributes ground pressure for improve handling performance



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