Michelin X ONE Xdn2 Pre-mold Retread Tires

Retread. Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck Radial Drive tire for Line Haul and Regional Applications.


  • Extra wide tread
  • Wide, open shoulder grooves
  • Winged tread design
  • Matrix sipes
  • Zig-zag groove walls
  • Full depth sipes
  • Exclusive, unique two-layer compound
  • 27/32nds original tread depth


  • Provides stability while helping to improve handling and mileage
  • Long tread life and exceptional traction
  • Provides maximum shoulder adhesion in high scrub applications
  • Help provide interlocking action offering excellent traction and even wear
  • Help provide optimized biting edges and excellent water and snow evacuation
  • Help provide excellent traction throughout the life of the tread
  • Designed to minimize internal casing temperatures for longer tread and casing life



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