Pirelli Pzero Trofeo R Tires

Ultra-Low Profile tire with Asymmetric Tread Pattern Designed for Racetrack Driving on Dry Asphalt.


  • Solid shoulder similar to a slick but more rigid
  • Longitudinal grooves
  • Transversal grooves with special pattern
  • Smaller central rib and wider, solid tread blocks
  • Environmentally friendly HAOF compound formula


  • Maximises lateral grip when cornering at very high speed and quickly changing trajectory on the track whilst maintaining complete control
  • Assist with water expulsion
  • Provide constant traction and assist braking
  • Increase the contact area improving stability at high speed and ensuring even wear without affecting long term performance
  • Offers steering precision and grip at high operating temperatures and visible benefits to treadwear



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