Sumitomo St918 Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck Radial Drive tire.


  • Computer designed tread pattern
  • Radical Ribs
  • Center islands with "Bridges"
  • Multi-Phase shift tread pattern
  • 3 deep circumferential grooves
  • Sumitomo all steel casing
  • Multiple steel breakers below tread pattern
  • Curb defense ribs
  • Sumitomo Tire Limited Warranty


  • Excellent vehicle stability and traction in all weather conditions
  • Greater stability and long tread life
  • Long mileage
  • Minimizes tire noise
  • Allows maximum water dispersal from tread pattern
  • Gives excellent resistance to curbs, potholes, and road variations
  • Helps to ensure retreadability for lower cost per mile
  • Controls tread from distortion in turns for greater traction
  • Supplies extra protection to the casing from road hazards
  • Gives the sidewalls extra protection agianst curb damage



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